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The practice offers a full remit of Design Services and Resources that mean client's project's can be set up efficiently and co-ordinated professionally.  As projects differ in their requirements; a dedicated design team is set up and design services are tailored according to the project's requirements and client's needs.

Interiors design services include :

Designworks offers a full interior design service from concept to completion including project management.

Experience, creativity and technical expertise come together in every service we offer. Services encompass all areas of planning, architecture, engineering and interior design, and are delivered with synergy through multidisciplinary teams that provide the precise combination required

Interior Design Consulting

Appropriate interior environments are essential to efficiency, growth, productivity and creativity. Interior design creates the look and feel of spaces, conveys vision and the intent of the owner and user. Beyond providing solutions to functional issues, determining the way to best utilize space and mirroring the clients' values, culture, and brand, it should also make sound business sense.

Interior design services begin with assessing clients' goals. With the goal of creating the desired atmosphere, an interactive approach is used to ensure that from project initiation to occupancy; all goals are aesthetically and functionally assessed, financially evaluated and incorporated. All aspects of the project - from aesthetics to technology, accessibility and environmental concerns - are considered during each phase.

The firm's diversity of expertise guides clients to incorporate innovative designs and value-added functionality. As a result, interior designs reflect the culture of our clients and add lasting value.

These phases are as follows :

Interior Design + Build (Turnkey Services)

Apart from an architectural and interior design consultancy services we also undertake interior construction (FITOUTS) for projects and we approach design and construction as a unified team. In fact, we are one of the few Design+Build firms led by Architects. Building projects is an incredible education into the nuances of project management and the construction process. We believe our blended expertise make us more innovative, insightful designers.

The decision to act as both designer and contractor was fueled by the desire to build projects with the same rigor with which they were designed. This endeavour is much like the ancient role of "master builder," where the architectural process becomes a holistic one, with careful attention paid to each phase of design and construction.

Our unique capabilities enable us to have complete control over the execution of the design concept, from the development of the first sketch through the end of construction.

These phases are as follows :

Villa Design and Building Construction (Turnkey Services)-

To most people, the idea of building a villa (home) is somewhat intimidating. We understand your concerns and have worked to relieve you of as much of the stress as possible when it comes to building your new home. As your partner in this endeavor, we will guide you through a process that breaks down the creation of your new home into manageable phases. This phased process should relieve most of your anxiety and help you accomplish your goals.

Our company has successfully completed every project it has taken to the complete satisfaction of our clients. The ability of our entire staff to provide knowledgeable expertise in concrete construction, along with the commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and detail allows our clients to achieve their project goals in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our clientele including individual homeowners, real estate developers, etc have all come to respect our professionalism and desire to help them succeed in achieving their project goals.

These phases are as follows :